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My name is Valena

I am German-Canadian artist, painter & writer.

My passion for art began at a young age, but I was always told that it would get me no where. I didn't care much for the opinions of my parents and found myself daydreaming  in class, doodling and writing poetry without care for the lessons my teachers taught.


Due to the woes of life I've found myself in an artists block.... However, with practice and persistence, I am determined to unlock my "COLOR"!


I have worked as a professional painter and decorator for 16 years, and now I spend my days in a paint store mixing up custom colors, educating on architectural coatings and teaching art & painting classes at the local Benjamin Moore in Red Deer.


In my spare time I enjoy making art work out of furniture pieces. I am currently working on sellable pieces for my shop.

I do not have a goal with my art but I do believe that art has the power to heal, I am using my art and writing to heal myself and my family from generational trauma.

Thank you for stopping by,

Valena :)

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